Negative ( Larry & Christus) 14.09.2007 Magdeburg / Factory
(c) by Frances Amelie Sin™ - NRRS

What are your expectations for the tour?

Larry: Staying alive!

Anything else?

Larry: We wanna play great gigs, have lots of drugs and a crazy time in Germany.

Kris: Having a funny time with the guys.

It seems that you like to play in Germany, so can you tell me when there will be the next release here, anything?? A single maybe?? Cause you are not very present in the german media at the moment!

Larry: Yeah that's stupid, we are planning to sign a new deal or something but actually I don’t know whats going on at the moment...
I haven’t spoke to Tommi like two month or so... so I don't know what's the situaton right now...
But hopefully there will happen something in future, I know the german fans wait for a release but that nothing happens  has to do with our record company here in Germany.

 So let's talk about the upcoming China tour. How does it come that you can play there?

Larry: Well the people from the government invited us, to play there as part of a festival or something like that.
It was Tommis idea to do it in China!

Can you do there the same show as you do over here (for not getting arrested)???

Larry: I haven’t heard anthing else, yes we plan to do our normal show... we will see...

Are you planning to play in other countrys you haven’t been before in close future?

Larry: Hmmhhh (yes), today we were talking about shows in Italy...maybe in November but it's not a fix plan at the moment, just that we talked about.
I would like to play in the USA, I haven’t been over there since now, so it would be nice..

Do you (Kris & Larry) have a special order in the band?? Cause it is noticeble that Larry plays more and more leadguitar...

Larry: No, it's not planned... well I don’t know, is it like that??

Kris: It's just what we do... I usually play what I worked out... it just happens, I don’t know, it is enough for me...

Larry: Well we don’t plan like: you play this and I play this... it’s a developement .

To Kris : I asked you before if you wanna sing again?? So what about that??

Kris: No I don’t do that... I am not a singer...sorry *laughs*

It is very rare that a band tours with the same album twice, so how does it come that you do?

Larry: Well there is no special reason, we just wanna play a lot of gigs here to get a better, stronger and bigger fan base, maybe we can have some publicity this way cause our record company here sucks so we have to play a lot to reach our fans. Next tour we will have some new songs, cause we are going to the studio in the end of the year, so this now is a good time to tour.

How far are you gone with the new songs?

Larry: Just ideas, nothing complete. Well we have tried one song, it’s a fast rock song...but nobodys going to remeber it... ^^

Kris: Yeah we have to rehearse some new songs after this tour, after the China tour...and Russia.. in December/ January we start with it.

Let's talk about drugs, it seems that you all look a little healthier than at the last german Tour, do you feel better??

Larry: (Lots of questionmarks above their heads!!)  Are you talking about me or ...

Me: both of you

Larry: Well we have stronger medication now! Let’s see after a couple of days. Well everything seems to be in order... of course we have some problems but it's ok.

Kris: Maybe we are joining the right direction now. We have the same doctor... for two years now!!

Larry: We are sitting there once in a week, just talk about everything.

Me: Does it help??

Larry: Maybe... you said we look better.

What about the rumors that there were problems in the band, from the recordings of Anorectic til the last tour ... everything ok now?

Larry: Well yes, I think so!! It is better now, better than before I think, cause it's always moving with 6 individuals, but at the moment we are all happy.

Can you imagine to do something else in the music business like producing other bands, like Jonne does now?

Larry: No I haven't thought about that, not yet!! Maybe one day.

Kris: No interest!!  I just wanna play guitar that's all I want. Don’t want to be the record label guy. *laughing around*

What are you doing in private life to have a certain balance?

Larry (thinks very long): Actually I am not very good to keep my balance... (long pause)

Me: It's just party and music?? Well I think we figured out  the problem!! 

Larry: Hmm yeah! I went for jogging like three times, one month ago!!

Kris : Two years ago...!!!

Larry: No, one month ago, cause I thought I should do something... but  well...

Me: What about riding horses, you like it, don’t you??

Larry: Yes (smiles), but I am not doing it right now, my ex-girlfriend had horses, so that's when I did it, but not anymore.

When you are on tour, do you behave differently when you are all together in such a small space like the bus??

Larry: Maybe there is a difference, we have just a small private place in the bus and we all are concentrating on gigs..I don’t know how to say that... everybody is like more concenrated... ^^

(Basti comes in and stopped all Interviews because of the Soundcheck, so I could not finish my Interview.)

Thanks to
Larry and Kris for their time 
Sylvie for planning 
Nessy for helping me with the cam!!

Pictures of the Interview and the shows in Magdeburg, Dresden, Braunschweig, Bochum, Glauchau & Berlin are  here: Gallery