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BECK’s presents:
M'era Luna Festival 08/09. 08 2009 Hildesheim /Airport Drispenstedt

When it comes to  the M'era Luna there's always the prospect to have better and bigger bands from year to year and a high level to go on with . But this time they really are beyond expectations! THE PRODIGY and NIGHTWISH as Headliner  is a cracker!!
This line up seems like bringing up the creme de la creme of GOTH / ROCK/ METAL/ EBM and INDUSTRIAL.
But it's not a miracle that these Bands wanna play at M'era Luna, this festival aquired renown not just through the hugh size ( the tent--place is definitley the biggest I ever got lost on)  but also through the peaceful ambience that shows how Tolerance can be lived. People often think that gothic is just one style and one kind of music but in fact it is
as multi-faceted as you can imagine. And different in itself of course. Actually bands like Nightwish and Apocalyptica will bring a lot of non-gothic fans to that festival what makes it even more colourful... yes you heard right, gothic can be very colourful. Black is the ground of it but it spread to every neon colour that exists. Pink and violet may be the favourites but the theme is : DO AS YOU WANT!!
We will look forward to another great and relaxed weekend with wonderful music, nice people and strange outfits (how do they dress up like that in a tent- thats a real artistry!) The weather may be hopefully well-disposed this year but even rain never stopped the good mood around.
As all the years before you can go shopping on the festival area in  one of the many goth/dark shops and there will be a fashion show for the first time were Underground-lables show their latest collection! 
Also the medieval part were borne in mind. Furthermore, Kramer, Zunft and Kurtzweyl will once again provide a medieval atmosphere after the success of last year: minstrels, jugglers, craftsmen and fire-breathers display their skills and invite festival-goers on a journey into times gone by.

come and join...

M'era Luna information:

The M’ERA LUNA Festival is an institution in the Darkwave and Gothic scene, attracting up to 25,000 fans to Hildesheim from across Europe every year. On the 8th and 9th of August 2009, the Hildesheim-Drispenstedt Airport will once again be converted into a huge catwalk for extravagant make-up and outfits of velvet and silk, latex and leather – both on and in front of the stage. All information about the bands and festival can be found at

Two-day tickets plus camping cost 74 € all fees inclusive and a 5 € garbage deposit which can be reclaimed upon return of garbage bags and chip. Tickets for the M’ERA LUNA Festival can be bought at all regular ticket outlets, at, and from the hotline 0 180 5-853 653 (14 cents/min / price may vary from mobile phones)

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Undercover presents: Braunschweig Rockt 13.06.2009 Eintracht Stadion Braunschweig!!

Headliner: Die Toten Hosen, with 20 years on stage the oldest and most succsessfiul german Punkband. Co-starring: Silbermond, a young but not even less succsessful  female fronted band that always shows presence in the german charts over the last years.
These both Top-bands will be supported by Madsen, Ohrboten and Bosse.

Day: Saturday, 13.06.2009
Place: Braunschweig
Venue: Eintracht Stadion
Doors Open: 14:00
Showtime: 16:00 

For information and tickets visit: or

Die Toten Hosen is a German punk band from Düsseldorf. They have enjoyed decades-long mass appeal in Germany.

The band's name literally means "The Dead Pants" (i.e. trousers) in English, although the phrase "tote Hose" is a German expression meaning "impotent", or "nothing going on". A more idiomatic translation of the band's name might therefore be The Deadbeats.[

The members of Die Toten Hosen are Campino (Andreas Frege), Kuddel (Andreas von Holst), Vom (Stephen 'Vom' Ritchie), Andi (Andreas Meurer) and Breiti (Michael Breitkopf). Although most of the members are German, drummer Vom is actually from England and replaced Wölli as the drummer in 1999; Wölli's untimely departure from the band was due to injuries caused by a car accident. Wölli himself had replaced Trini in 1985, and is still an honorary member of the band; Trini became the band's manager when Wölli joined.

The band has existed for over 20 years, and their songs' focus gradually shifted from funny and nonsensical to serious; the songs from their first LP were mostly about having fun, but by the end of the 1980s they were focusing more on political and social issues such as racism.

Part of the folklore surrounding the band is the story that in their early days they played for free at private birthday parties or similar events. However, this was only under the condition that the host provided an unlimited beer supply and paid for all damages caused by the band.

The debut single "Wir sind bereit" ("We are ready") was released in 1982, and was followed by their first album, Opel-Gang, the next year. In 1988, Die Toten Hosen released the LP Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau ("A little bit of horrorshow" (Russian & Nadsat for "ok") referring to the phrase in "A Clockwork Orange"), which featured the song "Hier kommt Alex" (referring to the movie A Clockwork Orange based on the book by Anthony Burgess); in 1988, Bernd Schadewald produced a German theater version of the book, in which the band performed as actors and musicians. "Hier kommt Alex" (Here comes Alex) was later redone for the unplugged show in 2005 with the opening piano of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Their 1000th concert was on 28 June 1997, in the Düsseldorfer Rheinstadium, and was attended by more than 60,000 fans. A Dutch girl, Rieke Lax, died in the crowd; later the band produced the song "Alles ist eins" ("Everything is one") in memoriam for her.

Their first tour after this event was as part of the 1998 Warped Tour to New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Hawaii, and included hospital visits for Campino after two of the nine Australian dates (Byron Bay and Geelong).

Die Toten Hosen have collaborated with numerous other musicians (like Bad Religion, AC/DC, U2, Rolling Stones); they are also one of the few German punk bands popular outside of Germany (esp. in South America, Australia, Eastern Europe) other notable bands being Die Ärzte and WIZO.

As longtime fans of their local football team Fortuna Düsseldorf they sponsored the club from 2001 to 2003. They also published a song named "Bayern" in 2000, referring to the famous football club in Germany. Roughly translated, the text reads "many things can happen, many things can occur, I just know one thing for sure, I'd never join FC Bayern Munich".

In August, 2006, Campino (Andreas Frege) starred as Mack the Knife in a new version of "The Threepenny Opera" staged at Berlin's Admiralspalast, a short distance down Friedrichstrasse from where the play received its premier in 1928. Staged by actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, the much-awaited production opened to mixed reviews, with cheers for German rock star Campino, but scattered boos for Brandauer's "conventional" staging. (source :


V. Amphi Festival 2009 The Orkus Open Air

18. - 19. 07.2009 Tanzbrunnen Köln

Amphi Festival 2009

Since a big baptism by fire in summer 2005, Amphi has become one of the biggest festivals in Northrhein-Westphalia and got a huge number of fans that is rising from year to year.
Just last year over 12.000 people from the whole federal territory and the international foreign countries visited the Tanzbrunnen in Cologne.
This year Amphi is inviting musos and supporter of the black scene from 18. 19.07.2009 to the dark dance at the Rhein riverside. Fancy Outfits and a colourful black together is the signature feature of the fans as a peaceful and apolitical attitude.
After the marvellous achievement in 2008, where the festival was sold out the first time at the advance sale, follows now in 2009 the next beat of drums, also because its Amphis 5 years anniversary.
34 top-class bands, classified in EBM/Electro, Synthi-Pop, Gothic-Metal and Medieval-Rock are burning to rock our stages. Brutal Industrials will collide with hefty guitars, deep passion will be mixed with whole poetry. Amphi is so successful in remaining faithful but at the same time in reinventing oneself.


FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and FRONT 242 are two genuine legends and the headliners of the festival, who couldn

t be more diverse. FRONT 242 is the engine of the electro-scene, they return from 2007 back to the Tanzbrunnen, while the british gothic-icons Fields Of The Nephilim will cast a dark spell over the audience. Both bands are absolute grandmaster in their case, attribute: Non plus ultra!
Impressive filled, also the rest of the program is convincing with its multifarious taste and a variety of surprises, that dont stop before tangible sensations: Only recent, Denmarks elctro-veteran Claus Larsen, known as LEÆTHER STRIP, celebrated his comeback on stages and chose Amphi as the only open-air-festival in Europe to play his first Germany-gig since 1992.

Not that long KMFDM let their fans wait. But the last Europe-Tour of the Industrial-rockers was also four years ago. So, its high time to grasp at this opportunity and see KMFDM live at Amphi.

Also the Slovene artists-collective LAIBACH and the german electro-commando FEINDFLUG promise some extraordinary shows.

Without a doubt, the Amphi Festival makes hearts of electro-fans leap for joy.

Wheter its the volcano-activity of HOCICO, Swedish coolness of COVENANT, naughty stuff birth by AGONOIZE, old-school-sounds á la ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, the high-voltage aggregate XOTOX, or Combichrist-mastermind Andy LaPlegua alias PANZER AG and SCANDY, variety is provided.

Abreast that there is a multi-variant choice of on fiery rockshows: Starting with the elctro-dreamteam EISBRECHER, UNHEILIG and THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, this year the Dutch THE GATHERING will play their long-awaited show with their new singer Silje Wergeland . Together with the symphonic-metal-guys DELAIN, the Industrial-Glam-Rocker JESUS ON EXTASY, the Horrorpunks THE OTHER from Cologne, as MANTUS who are playing the first time on a festival stage, the audience will get their money worth as the can rock their hearts out.

For the folk- and medieval entertainment, great jokers SALTATIO MORTIS and the clarinets-rebels of COPPELIUS from Berlin are responsible. Who likes it a bit calmer will find QNTAL, OMNIA and ROSA CRUX as three musical jewels, who will all delight with their atmospheric shows.

While doyen OSWALD HENKE will play a best-of-program from Goethes Erben and his projects Artwork and Erblast, well wait for AUTO-AUTO and JÄGER 90 as two exciting newcomers to introduce themselves to the audience.

At long last also at this year there is going to be a great final concert. CAMOUFLAGE got the honorable task to lead Amphi to a moody finish. They celebrate true to the motto “The Pleasure Remains” with synthi-pop of the highest standards, loaded with dreamy melodies and immortal hymns. DIORAMA, MARSHEAUX and SOLAR FAKE complete the prgram of Amphi Festival 2009.

New Indoor-stage in the Rheinparkhalle 

Condingent on steadily rising visitor figures and a very attractive program, Amphi presents itself in a new light. To fulfil the onrush and to guarantee a fluently drain on the Inddor-stage, the festival area extended to the Rheinparkhalle.

Straight next to the Tanzbrunnen and reachable with a direct access, the hall supported Amphi 2008 with additional sanitary facilities. From now on the Rheinparkhalle joins up with the festival with it

s generous space and will detach the theatre at the Tanzbrunnen as second Live-stage. Advantage for all visitors: More space for party = more Amphi!!

Official Amphi Festival Campsite:

Also afresh is the official Amphi Festival Campsite. In cooperation with

„S.O.M.A. – Summer of Music Arts Festival“, the opportunity was built to camp in the beautiful Jugednpark in Cologne in a Walking Distance to the Tanzbrunnen.

The Festivalcamp is opened from Friday 17.07. from 16:00 til Monday 20.07. from 10:00. It offers next to the campsite itself a service-building inclusive arranged toilets, particular shower-cabins, and a washing facility. Above that there is the opportunity to get provisions with a rich offer on food and refreshments.

You can get your tickets to the official Amphi Festival Campsite at the Amphi-Ticketshop  for 18 € plus advanced sale costs.

Take note: Campingtickets are guilty for one person for the official festival campsite in the Jugendpark Cologne, Sachsenbergstraße, 51063 Köln. Because of entity- and environmental reasons is it forbidden to drive on the area with a craft (inclusive campers). Information about the parkingspace you can find here!


As in usual Amphi is working with creative and countless attattractions besides the live-stages. At this Amphi is foregrounding the theatre this year. After shifting the indoor program into the Rheinhalle, the theatre offers Chill Out Areas and a forum for DVD-presentations and cinema-shows. Moreover on both evenings here will be the Aftershowparties with famous DJs of the german and international scene.

Naturally there will be a few favoured signing sessions. The whole sessions are not planned yet but a few great musicians are announced. When all dates are fixed, you can read them on the official page.

A unique jewel of Amphi is the Beachclub km 689. With a beach of over 3500m² and the fabulous historic city panorama, this place exudes pure holiday mood and proves that Gothics cut a fine figure in the sun. As a haven of recreation, the Beachclub is the most extraordinary attraction in the whole black Open Air scene. Into the south and back? No problem for Amphi…

There will also be a stall with special children- and familyprogram and a Dunkel-Volk information-center, who will besides foreign language help and general information convey rickshaw-drives.

On culinary side, Amphi backs on established products. Besides alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including Met and Cocktails, a rich variety of international specialities will be provided.

The Tanzbrunnen:

Another plus of the Amphi Festival is the Tanzbrunnen as ever. Formed up as an iconic towering fountain in the centre of everything. The whole festival refers it

s fascination for clarity and functional versatility. Whether its the generous sheltered main stage, an excellent arranged monger-mile, numerous seats and so many things more, the audience gets the optimal scope. At the same time, the relaxing familiar atmosphere survives despites the striking capacity of the area. Even when its rainy weather, the Tanzbrunnen is a real all-rounder, thanks to paved paths.


The favoured original-tickets, Amphi Festival Gift Packages and Campingtickets are solely available at the Amphi Shop at You can also get an online ticket at

, per telephone at 01805- 568200 and of course at all ticket-sales.
Amphi Festival Facts
V. AMPHI Festival - The ORKUS Open Air 2009 Facts:

18. - 19. Juli 2009

Cologne – Tanzbrunnen


FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM + FRONT 242 + UNHEILIG + COVENANT + LEÆTHER STRIP + LAIBACH + FEINDFLUG + HOCICO (einziges Festivalkonzert in Deutschland 2009) + CAMOUFLAGE („The Pleasure Remains"



Date                                                        Club
08.05.2009   Dresden, Pier 15,
09.05.2009   Leipzig, Alte Hauptpost,
09.05.2009   Düren, "Dark Movements" Endart Kulturfabrik,
09.05.2009   Homburg, Sonic,
20.05.2009   Leverkusen, Shadow,
20.05.2009   Münster, Sputnikhalle
22.05.2009   Kassel, Panoptikum,
29.05.2009   UK – London, Club AntiChrist,
30.05.2009   Duisburg, Kulturkeller,
30.05.2009   GR –Thessaloniki, Eightball Club,
05.06.2009   Marburg, Nocte Obscura Kult,
06.06.2009   Düsseldorf , Stahlwerk,
06.06.2009   PL –Poznan, Klub U Bazyla,  
12.06.2009   Kaiserslautern, Flash, – Party verlegt aus dem Club Nirvana!
12.06.2009   Braunschweig, Meier Music Hall,
18.06.2009   Duisburg , Pulp,
20.06.2009   Frankfurt a. M., „Nacht der Maschinen“ Batschkapp,
20.06.2009   Siegen, Musikclub Vortex,
26.06.2009   GR- Athen, Second Skin Club, 
27.06.2009   Ingolstadt, Buddha Eventlounge,
04.07.2009   Köln, DarkClub Cologne,
10.07.2009   Oberhausen, Saint,
11.07.2009   Bonn, Der Goldene Engel,
16.07.2009   Oberhausen, Eisenlager,
17.07.2009   Köln, Alter Wartesaal, 


White Flame + Deep Insight 2009 on Tour

The countdown started. After a few shows in Finland the two Finnish bands will be back on german stages .

One of them is the 2001 formed band White Flame. After a very successful supporting tour for Lovex in October 2008 the band will no be back as one of the two headliners. In the package, songs from their in 2007 released album “Yesterday’s News” and the latest album “Tour bus diaries” out since 27th of march 2009.
Everyone who saw them last year, will know, this band kick asses and rock the crowd in front of the stage.

The second headliner will be Deep Insight. After a big tour as support for The Rasmus in 2005 and some shows with Blindside in 2007 it became a little bit quiet around the 4 guys from Helsinki, in Germany.
Now, they are back with songs from the 4 already released albums and hopefully from the new Album “Sucker for love” which will be released at the 22nd of April.

You really should not miss these great bands. So check the dates and get your ticket for the german shows on

23.04.09 - K17, Berlin, GERMANY
24.04.09 - Logo, Hamburg, GERMANY
26.04.09 - Durer Kurt, Budapest, HUNGARY
27.04.09 - Chelsea, Vienna, AUSTRIA
30.04.09 - Sounddock14, Zurich; SWITZERLAND
01.05.09 - Etage at St. Gervais, Biel, SWITZERLAND
02.05.09 - Jugendzentrum, Crailsheim, GERMANY


Press release Tampere, 16. 3.2009


Finnish rock-metal band Manzana has released the dates for European tour on April and May 2009. The tour will start on April 22nd in Hamburg, Germany, and will stop in 7 countries. The tour is called "Finnish Female Fronted Rock-Metal Tour 2009", as Manzana will be on the road with two other Finnish female fronted metal bands, For Selena And Sin and Unshine.

Manzana released their second album "Babies Of Revolution" in Finland on September 2008, and it went on chart number 28. Manzana's debut "Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart" was released in Finland on December 2007, and it went on album chart 24th, single "Falling To Pieces" number 2 the highest. The debut was released by Playground International in 24 countries, and on 2007 Manzana toured all Finland with bands like Apulanta, Teräsbetoni and Entwine, and Germany and Switzerland with Lovex, and visited several TV shows including MTV..s Headbangers Ball. On 2008 Manzana also toured some Baltic countries.

For Selena And Sin, a gothic pop-metal band, have released their debut "Overdose On You" by Dutch Mascot Records on 2007, and it was selected as an album of the month on Finnish metal magazine Inferno. Positive feedback from all over Europe made the band to tour more passionately than ever. Band made a lot of gigs in Europe and Russia. Touring included sold-out finnish tour with Volbeat.

Selena performed at The Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki this year, and their second album is ready to be released by Mascot Records, later on 2009.

Unshine, a symphonic druid metal band, has also released two albums, "Earth Magick" on 2005, and "The Enigma Of Immortals" on 2008. The both albums have been released in Europe and also in the U.S. and in Russia. After the release of TEOI, band gained official chart positions in Finland and the album songs received airplay even in Bruce Dickinson's BBC Friday Rock Show. Previously band has performed e.g. in Bilborock (European-wide pop-contest in Bilbao, Spain) and in Finnish Tuska-festival.

Reservations for interviews and more info please contact :

+ 358 40 5444878 Henri Virsell

+358 44 2919513 Pasi Kolari

+358 40 7386499 Harri Hautala


April Hamburg/ Headbangers Ballroom Germany
April Braunschweig/ Egal Germany
April Uster/ Rock City Switzerland
April Lübbenau/ Kulturhof Lübbenau Germany
April Frankfurt (Oder)/ Gewölbe Germany
April Berlin/ Knaack Germany
April Prague/ Rock Club Bunkr Czech Republic
April Warsova/ Progresja Poland
April Klaipeda/ Bliuzbaris Lithuania
May Pärnu/ Mai Keskuse Rockiklubi Estonia

02. May Tampere/ Sputnik Finland

German: (Manzana + For Selena And Sin german/ english information)  (Manzana Germany) (For Selena And Sin Germany)

Nightwish "Deja vu" Tour 2009
Frances Amelie Sin

Yes you heard right, it's time for Nightwish again! Here we go: Nightwish obviously concentrate on conquer the USA, they are touring there permanently as it feels, but there are a few european dates in march to enter. It's about a year ago that Nightwish were in Germany and introduced us to Anette Olzon. It seemed to be a good thing for them, they were refreshed but the rumors about old problems in a new look started soon and still grow. I wonder how long Anette will stay with the band. Not that I don't like her on stage, she's kinda cute and acts much cooler than Tarja ever did but she simply cannot sing live as good as in the studio! I cannot belive that this is not a problem for a band that was blessed with a perfect singer over years! We will see what they will afford us this time. The last show I saw in 2008 was very good, there were old and new songs in a balance to each other and it was stirring how happy and solved the band was. They played just songs that fits to Anette except for the singles that needed to be played cause the audience longed for it. I guess Anette did it okay, and if whatever went wrong it was compensated by her interacting with the fans and the freshness that  spread from her on stage! Hopefully they still have this power to give the fans a big show, but who really doubt?? I have never seen a really bad show of Nightwish, did you?

This time they are joined by two Supportbands, one of them are old aquaintances to us: Pain from Sweden. They supported Nightwish before,  in 2008 on the german tour and got lots of applause.
The other one is Indica from Finland. A very special girlband, more Pop-rock  than metal but of good quality. Indica singer Jonsuu, a nature-red-haired beauty with a fancy style and a strident voice, worked with Nightwish before, maybe we have the chance to get a live version of their finnish song "Erämaan viimeinen", that would please me much by the way, I hate to be the only one singing while Nightwish play the instrumental version. Hei Saksaa- learn some finnish please!!

I think Nightwish need to do a bit more over here to keep their fans happy that are not so involved in the finnish metal-scene. Yes, they got a lot of attention over the last years and they have fans that never noticed before thet they like metal, but specially these ones are the first to go if a band wasn't heard from again for longer time. So this is another facility and I am sure it will be a big event as all times before.

If you wanna join, here's the chance:

14.03.09 - Forest National, Brussels, BELGIUM

15.03.09 - Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
17.03.09 - Palladium, Cologne, GERMANY
18.03.09 - Emslandhallen, Lingen, GERMANY
20.03.09 - Europahalle, Karlsruhe, GERMANY
21.03.09 - Messehalle. Erfurt, GERMANY
23.03.09- Zenith. Paris, FRANCE - sold out
24.03.09 - Zenith, Paris, FRANCE
26.03.09 - Zenith, Munich, Germany
28.03.09 - St. Jakobshalle, Basel, SWITZERLAND
30.03.09 - Palabam,  Mantova, ITALY
31.03.09 - Palasport, Prodenone, ITALY
02.04.09 - Cibona Hall, Zagreb, CROATIA
04.04.09 - Fonix Hall, Debrecen, HUNGARY

Private Line 2008 Germany

It took some time, stunningly long time to get the pirates to Germany. Except for one gig in 2006 on a finnish festival in Berlin, this ist their first stroke in Germany. Strangely  this tour is just in the middle of nowhere of the band's work. The last album " Evel Knievel Factor" , their second full lenghth album, is quite old with more than a year since it's release date! But we are excited what the finnish guys will show their fans here. Some pirate action maybe ! Actually over the course of the Finland boom in the last 5 years they have a lot of fans in Germany. Their music is something between hardrock and glam and fits into the dark subcultures as good as it is mainstreem enough to be played by the radio stations or MusicTV channels.
It's interesting to note that Rakel Liekki, a famous finnish porn star and celebrity is close connected to the band and also was video- featured by the song "Broken Promised Land" (2006). An ambitious bonding!
Privat Line will be touring without guitarist Ilari who will be replaced in that time by J-V from Machine Man.

Private Line will be supported by Sister, a very young band from Sweden that toured before with The Pleasures from Hamburg and Black Rain from France in Germany in spring this year! They are a f*** glam band with great hair-metal style of the eighties! Maybe they need to learn a lot of social- relation things but the music is great and theres a lot of potencial. Not to forget: their most used word on stage is fuckers!! What else!!
There will be also local supports in every town and well there are The Pleasures in Hamburg and Big Boy  in Cologne and other great bands, so that this will be always a great trio and an event you should better not miss!!

Prozac Nation Tour 2008

04.09.2008 - Cologne, Germany
05.09.2008 - Bochum, Germany
06.09.2008 - Lichtenfels, Germany
07.09.2008 - Hamburg, Germany
08.09.2008 - Berlin, Germany
10.09.2008 - Frankfurt, Germany
11.09.2008 - Saarbrücken, Germany
12.09.2008 - Uster, CH
13.09.2008 - Munich, Germany
14.09.2008 - Vienna, Austria
16.09.2008 - Stuttgart, Germany


Lovex 2008 Germany

2006 was the year, the six finnish Newcomer firstly put feet on German ground. Since then all over the republic, girls are screaming their name: Lovex. Now, after they paid us a short visit last year, they're coming back to show, that they still know how to rock the crowd.

This time, the band around singer Theon McInsane, will introduce their new songs from their latest album "Pretend Or Surrender" to the German audience.
With songs like the in Germany, in May 2008 released single "Take A Shot" or "Turn" the song from their latest video release, Lovex certainly won't have any problem to take over the crowd.

While the six guys were supported from Manzana list time, this time they will get backup from the in 2001 formed, finnish band White Flame.

White Flame is a Pop/Rock band from Tampere/Finland. This tour with Lovex will be the perfect chance to show their live quality to the German audience and will bring the songs from their in 2007 releasde album "Yesterday's News" closer.

So whoever became interested now, check out the dates and get your ticket at:

Lovex On Tour in Germany [with White Flame] prestented by Rockoon! and Orkus:

11.10. Dresden-Beatpol
12.10. Berlin- Magnet
13.10. Hamburg- Logo
14.10. Köln- Underground
15.10. Ludwigsburg- Rockfabrik
16.10. München- Backstage Club

M'era Luna Festival: Flugplatz Hildesheim 09.-10.08.2008

In august when everyone will hang out in bikinis at the beaches and lakes there is one place different. Hildesheim, a small town in the middle of Germany, overfloaded of black clothed music-fans from all over the world. But black is not just black, you can see any variations of gothic, metal, medieval, EBM, batcave, glamrock, punk and visual kei styles, that you can imagine. The M'era luna festival is a fix date in every dark hearded peoples calender and it is always a big fun and a warm atmosphere. Besides the big prominent line up there are aways playing newcomers that can give a proof of their live qualities. Next to the main stage  there is a second stage in the hangar, around the festival place there are fields for camping and parking, maybe the only festival that has enough place for  everyone and everything. On the festival area there are numberous stands with clothes, jewellery, mechandise and more. The saturday nights will end with a big party in the hangar and of course the same procedure as every year: The search for Helga.
Some good advice: If you really wanna find some sleep a night, don't put your tent close to swedish tents. You can detect them by the swedish flags over the tents. ;)
Come and discover your dark side and enjoy an outstanding line up this year!!
See you in Hildesheim!

Quelle: MERA LUNA Festival

Latest Festival Line up:





more information at:

Tales from a secret Forest - John Kelly & Maite Itoiz
03.05.2008 Braunschweig

12 experienced musicians on stage, two hours of bombastic show full of fantasy and reality, symphonic music that reminds of legendary film soundtracks mixed with pop, rock, electronic, Spanish, middle age, lyric and classic sounds. Listen to the magic and beautiful sound of the Celtic steel string harp, the dreamy and powerful sound of the whistles together with the full expression of the cello notes ...

Feel the harmonies of the voices, the energetic choreographies of dancers and soloists. Fantasy tales and real stories, love and sorrow, life and war, thoughts and feelings, light and shadows, strength and power. Let yourself be part of the inner story of the show, through the eyes of a blue fairy boy. Let´s open the book of tales this solstice´s night. This secret forest is opening its gates to you. You´ve been touched by its invisible hand.

But what does the legend tell about this story? What happened in the fairies world that night? What is the book of Tales from the Secret Forest?

Fairy Boy

Saint John´s night.
The moon was shining almost full through the misty night and a soft breeze blew through the trees. Only a few night animals were breaking the silence in the forest.

High up on a branch, half asleep, the Fairy Boy stirred slowly. He felt something strange, something was different around, but he would never expect what was going to happen to him that night...

He perked up his ears, looked around but could not see anything different. Slowly, he slid down the tree thinking, "Maybe it is the sudden silence, maybe it is the wind that stopped suddenly." He remained quiet for a while. Still he could feel something strange in the air. It was like the things around where different somehow. "What a stupid thing, it must be the south breeze", he thought and started dancing with the leaves, like he always used to.
Suddenly his eyes were drawn to a strange light on the forest floor. "What is that?" the Fairy Boy thought. There, in the midst of shadows and leaves, a big book was glowing in the darkness. A light was going out from that book like he had never seen before. The Fairy Boy got a little frightened, his heart started beating - but at the same time, he felt curious. He was absolutely sure, that book was not there before. He decided to approach it with caution. He held out his hand, was in doubt for some seconds but at least, he touched the book carefully. What was that? Immediately, he drew back his hand, lost balance and tumbled backwards: The light shone brighter - it was like the book could feel the touch!

The Fairy Boy couldn´t believe what was going on. The way this rare book appeared, the silence around him, the light… "But ... this book ... this book ..." The Fairy Boy could not sort his thoughts. Legend had spoken to the fairies of a magic book that would unlock the images, emotions, and feelings of an unknown parallel world. A world, where humans lived. A world full of music. "Could this be 'the book' of which many had spoken?" Although there was no sound, the book seemed to be calling him. He had to look at it again. Reassured by the warm glow, he approached slowly and this time he managed to touch the book even more carefully. Finally, he opened it. Shivers of delight replaced those of fright as the Fairy Boy suddenly was sure of what he held in his hands: That book was the legendary magic book of the "Tales From The Secret Forest"!

The fact he had that book in front of him meant that he was going beyond the limits of his world. He was in the "real" world. He trembled. He felt himself privileged and enlightened as he pronounced the firsts spells written in those magic pages. He forgot everything around him. Though he could still hear the echoes of the fairies´ solstice song coming from the depths of the forest, he could feel he was already crossing the limits of his world. Suddenly, the Fairy Boy was surrounded by music and images so real that the spell of the authors descended upon him ...

28.06.2008 Linz, Austria

John and Maite will perform a complete "Secret Forest" concert with their band in Linz! More info coming soon.


Secret Forest complete concert (Spring Tour 2008) Tickets already available here: Ticket hotline Germany: 0151 20038300 Ticket hotline international: + (49) 151 20038300

02.05.2008 Bremen, Germany - Bürgerhaus Mahndorf

Secret Forest complete concert (Spring Tour 2008) Tickets already available here: Ticket hotline Germany: 0151 20038300 Ticket hotline international: + (49) 151 20038300


IV Amphi-Festival-  The ORKUS Open Air

19.-20.07 2008 / Tanzbrunnen Köln

Oomph!, Welle:Erdball, Zeraphine, L'ame Immortelle...

Ready for the fourth Amphi Festival in Cologne/Germany?  Ready for some kick-ass music brought to you by great bands?
This year the Festival will be bigger and better: 33 bands, longer live-programme, free aftershowparties and much more to experience.
To guarantee a big party, the hosts have prepared some special goodies for every music-friend.
In such way the German band OOMPH! will use the chance to play a best of show and present some new live material as well as DEINE LAKAIEN will play there only Open Air Festival in 2008.  After their latest tour at the beggining of this year, L'AME IMMORTELLE will also perform this summer and  will also give everything to hit the crowd.
Furthermore the audience can be excited about the ORKUS-NEWCOMER who isn't announced, yet.
Being planned at the weekend Amphi Festival is the best choice for spending some nice  summer time together with good music and great live performances. Definately a must-do for every Rock, Gothic, Electro or Medieval fan.

See you there,
Lithium Kitten/

Amphi Festival 2008 will take place in Cologne, like it did first in 2006.

For further information check out the official sites:

Tickets at the well-known places or by ordering: 01805/997060
There are some special offers for the tickets as well, for those who are fast enough.
Tickets can also be buyed locally.

The event will be hosted by Honey (Welle:Erdball) and Jens (Funker Vogt).

19/07 - Mainstage
10:00 Doors open
12:00 - 12:30 Mina Harker
12:55 - 13:30 Cinderella Effect
13:55 - 14:35 Zeromancer
15:00 - 15:40 Welle:Erdball
16:05 - 16:55 Zeraphine
17:20 - 18:20 Covenant
18:50 - 20:00 Deine Lakaien
20:30 - 21:50 Oomph!
20/07 - Mainstage
10:00 Doors open
12:00 - 12:30 Mediaeval Babes
12:55 - 13:30 The Lovecrave
13:55 - 14:35 Letzte Instanz
15:00 - 15:40 Das Ich
16:05 - 16:55 L´Âme Immortelle
17:20 - 18:20 Suicide Commando
18:50 - 20:00 Project Pitchfork
20:30 - 21:50 And One

19/07 - Theater
10:00 Doors open
10:30 - 12:00 Movie: Operation:Zeitsturm
12:30 - 13:00 Noisuf-X
13:20 - 14:00 Nachtmahr
14:20 - 15:00 Grendel
15:20 - 16:00 Ashbury Heights
16:20 - 17:00 Haujobb
17:20 - 18:00 Tactical Sekt
18:20 - 19:10 Rotersand
19:30 - 20:30 The Klinik
21:00 - 22:20 Combichrist
22:30 - 04:00 Aftershowparty
20/07 - Theater
10:00 Doors open
10:30 - 12:00 Movie: Operation:Zeitsturm
12:30 - 13:00 Spiritual Front
13:25 - 14:05 Spectra * Paris
14:30 - 15:10 Cinema Strange
15:35 - 16:15 Lacrimas Profundere
16:40 - 17:30 Soko Friedhof
17:55 - 18:50 Clan of Xymox
19:20 - 20:30 Eisbrecher
21:00 - 22:20 Diary of Dreams
23:45 - 01:00 Die Krupps - the final option
01:10 - 04:00 Aftershowparty

Signing Sessions:
19. Juli 2008

ASHBURY HEIGHTS 13:00 - 13:50
TACTICAL SEKT 14:00 - 14:50
NACHTMAHR 15:00 - 15:50
OOMPH! 16:00 - 16:50
GRENDEL 17:00 - 17:50
WELLE:ERDBALL 18:00 - 18:50
ZERAPHINE 19:00 - 19:50
ZEROMANCER 20:00 - 20:50
HAUJOBB 21:00 - 21:50

20. Juli 2008

THE LOVECRAVE 11:00 - 11:50
DER GRAF / UNHEILIG 12:00 - 12:50
L`ÂME IMMORTELLE 13:00 - 13:50
MEDEAEVAL BABES 14:00 - 14:50
DIE KRUPPS 15:00 - 15:50
EISBRECHER 16:00 - 16:50
LETZTE INSTANZ 18:00 - 18:50
SOKO FRIEDHOF 19:00 - 19:50
SUICIDE COMMANDO 20:00 - 20:50
DAS ICH 21:00 - 21:50


Official site of the Amphi-Cup ( game will take place on 18.07.2008 in Cologne-Lövenich) is online now. There is a chance to take part on a competition. The winner will join the first Amphi Cup, this year.  For more information check out
 We wish all competitors Good Luck!

Offizielle Pressemitteilung (german)

Liebe Amphi Fans,

das Amphi Festival 2008 ist nahezu ausverkauft!!!

Seit heute ist das Vorverkaufskontingent des Amphi Festivals erschöpft. Für alle Kurzentschlossenen haben wir jedoch noch einige Tickets zurückgelegt, die Ihr Euch ab Montag den 14.07.2008 bis Donnerstag den 17.07.2008 täglich von 11:00 bis 18:00 Uhr unter der Telefonnummer 05131 – 4620923 zum Abendkassenpreis reservieren könnt. Wichtig! Der Abendkassenpreis beträgt 60,00 € für Wochenendtickets und 45,00 € für 1-Tages-Tickets (Samstag oder Sonntag). Bitte beachtet auch, dass alle reservierten Tickets bis 16:00 Uhr am Veranstaltungstag an der Abendkasse abgeholt werden müssen!  Selbstverständlich sind auch vor Ort vor noch Festivaltickets erhältlich. Hierzu halten wir Euch die Abendkasse an beiden Festivaltagen von 10:00 bis 21:30 Uhr geöffnet.

Und die Spannung für das Wochenende des Jahres steigt! Am 19. & 20. Juli öffnet das Amphi Festival am Kölner Tanzbrunnen zum vierten Mal seine Tore und begrüßt Euch mit einem Programm der Extraklasse. Dabei bietet das Amphi Festival 2008 viel mehr als nur Musik:

So freuen wir uns, Euch heute zwei wahre Meister Ihres Fachs im Rahmenprogramm des Amphi Festivals ankündigen zu dürfen. Zum einen begrüßen wir den Feuerkünstler ED.Fire, der Euch nach dem Programmende der Hauptbühne an beiden Festivaltagen von 22:30 bis 23:00 mit seinem Flammenspektakel verzaubern wird. Zum anderen kündigt XtraX ein weiteres Highlight fürs Amphi 2008 an:

Antonio Magico „With The Sisserhands“ gibt uns die Ehre und wird über beide Festivaltage am XtraX-Stand direkt auf dem Tanzbrunnen für Euch die Scheren schwingen. Ob ihr eine neue Frisur, Undercut oder Flat braucht, ob Ihr Euch Eure neu erworbenen Haarteile einflechten lassen wollt, Antonio wird für Euch da sein….Lasst Euch am Besten einen Termin vor Ort oder vorher schon unter geben, damit Ihr auch sicher in den Genuss seiner brennenden Scheren kommt!

Bereits am Freitag den 18.07., dem Vorabend des Amphi, geht es Köln so richtig ans Leder! Ans „runde“ Leder, wohlgemerkt!

Um 19:30 Uhr ertönt in der Kölner Indoor Soccer Halle Wessels der Anpfiff zum I. Amphi Cup 2008. Fünf Teams, bestehend aus Musikprominenz, Amphi-Besuchern, Medienvertretern, Sponsoren und Veranstaltern treten in einem Fußballturnier zugunsten des Deutschen Kinderhospizdienstes in Köln an. Mit dabei, Eskil und Joakim von Covenant, Jens und Gerrit (Funker Vogt), Dirk Scheuber (Project Pitchfork), Manuel, Norman und Michael von Zeraphine und viele mehr! Der Eintrittspreis an der Abendkasse beträgt 8,00 € und der Einlass beginnt ab 18:30 Uhr. Weitere Infos zum I. Amphi Cup findet Ihr wie gewohnt unter

Im Anschluss an den Sport übernimmt DJ Elvis das Kommando im alten Kölner Wartesaal, mit der offiziellen Amphi Festival Pre-Party, unter dem Motto "Depeche Mode Party vs. Sleepwalker Night". Musikalisch fahren Elvis und sein Team dabei eine bunte Mischung aus Synthiepop, EBM, Electro, New Wave, 80`s, Bodypop, Futurepop und natürlich jeder Menge Depeche Mode Hits auf.

Neben exklusive VIP-Gästen, Videoanimationen auf drei Leinwänden, erwartet Euch eine Verlosung, bei der ihr T-Shirts, CD´s, Wochenend-Tickets für das Amphi Festival und vieles mehr absahnen könnt! Zudem erhalten alle Gäste, die zwischen 22.00 – 23.00 Uhr erscheinen, einen kostenlosen Willkommens-Drink. Gegen Vorlage Eures Amphi-Festival-Tickets zahlt Ihr nur die Hälfte des Eintritts, also lediglich 4,00 EUR. Für Gäste ohne Festivalticket gilt der gewohnte Memphis-Preis von 8,00 €. Weitere Infos zur Offiziellen Amphi Pre-Party gibt’s unter

Nach dieser gleichwohl sportlichen wie musikalischen Einstimmung auf das Wochenende, wird es am Samstags Morgen ernst:

Ab10:30 Uhr erwarten Euch am Kölner Tanzbrunnen 34 Bands auf 2 Bühnen, Autogrammstunden, Kinovorführungen und Aftershowparties im Theater, das Kinderprogramm von, ein kompletter Beachclub und vieles vieles mehr.

Als Headliner am Samstag werden Euch Oomph! auf der Hauptbühne mit neuen Songs ihres in Kürze erscheinenden Albums „Monster“ die Augen (und Ohren) öffnen und Euch amtlich einheizen! Virtuose Soundtüfteleien und der sonore Bariton Alexander Veljánovs erwarten Euch hingegen mit der Best-Of-Show von Deine Lakaien, während die schwedischen Electro-Experten Covenant, eine geballte Ladung „Ritual Noise“ in den „Tanzbrunnen“ pumpen. Dazu gesellen sich weitere Highlights, wie Zeromancer, Welle:Erdball, Zeraphine, Cinderella Effect, sowie die Orkus Newcomer Mina Harker.

Während die Hauptbühne mit stilistischer Vielfalt glänzt und einen breit gefächerten Mix musikalischer Top-Acts bietet, steht der Samstag im Theater ganz im Zeichen der Maschinen. Angeführt von Combichrist-Andy LaPlegua, erwartet Electrofans mit Noisuf-X, Nachtmahr, Ashbury Heights, Grendel, Rotersand, dem Haujobb Abschiedskonzert, sowie einem exklusiven Gastspiel der Electro Legende The Klinik ein deftiger Satz heiße Ohren.

Am Sonntag verschreibt sich das Theater dagegen ganz dem Motto „Nichts ist unmöglich, alles ist erlaubt!“. Nach der Vorführung des Welle:Erdball Films „Operation Zeitsturm“ (täglich ab 10:30), glänzt die „Gothic Stage 2008“ mit kaleidoskopischem Facettenreichtum. Ob Deathrock aus den USA (Cinema Strange), Satans Klingeltöne mit SoKo-Friedhof, die niederländischen Dark-Wave Veteranen Clan of Xymox oder druckvoller Gothic-Metal mit Lacrimas Profundere, für jeden Geschmack wird etwas geboten. Nicht zu vergessen auch die Highlights am Abend, mit der ultimativen Dampframme, Eisbrecher, gefolgt von Diary of Dreams und dem Krupp´schen Hammer zum Abschlusskonzert um Mitternacht!

Auf der Hauptbühne beginnt der Sonntag mit musikalischen Streicheleinheiten der Mediaeval Baebes, gefolgt vom italienischen Temperament der Gothic-Rocker The LoveCrave. Die Letzte Instanz in Sachen Folkrock kommt derweil aus Dresden und wird in gewohnter Manier den Tanzbrunnen zum brodeln bringen. Gerade recht für Bühnenvulkan Stefan Ackermann und Das Ich, deren musikalische Glut ebenfalls für ein heißes Pflaster sorgen dürfte.

Bei der EM haben wir sie leider in der Vorrunde nach Hause geschickt, doch beim Amphi Festival sind sie jederzeit erste Wahl: Exklusiv beim Amphi 2008, Österreichs Szeneband Nummer Eins, L´Âme Immortelle, mit ihrer Melange aus romantischem Gothic-Rock und packenden Electrohymnen.

Voll eins auf die Zwölf gibt’s dagegen mit Suicide Commando! Die musikalische Abräumkolonne um Johan van Roy weiß nur zu gut, wie man ein packendes Gewitter aus peitschenden Beats und pumpendem Adrenalin entfacht, gefolgt von den Hamburger Electropionieren Project Pitchfork die anschließend mit vertrackten Arrangements und anspruchsvollen Texten fesseln, bevor And One noch mal dem Spielwitz freien Lauf lassen und das Programm auf der Hauptbühne mit einer gigantischen 80´er Party beschließen.

Wer feiert muss natürlich auch mal verschnaufen. Daher sind wir sehr glücklich Euch in diesem Jahr den Beach Club „km689“ präsentieren zu können. 3500m² Sandstrand, Beachbar, und bequeme Liegestühle am Ufer des Rheins, laden hier zum entspannten Chillen in gemütlicher Urlaubsatmosphäre ein, die Ihr Euch nicht entgehen lassen solltet!

Ebenfalls neu im Programm sind die erweiterten sanitären Einrichtungen. Zusätzlich zu den bestehenden Toiletten beim Theater, sowie links neben der Hauptbühne, stehen Euch in diesem Jahr auch die Toiletten der angrenzenden Rheinparkhalle für einen Boxenstopp zur Verfügung. Gefliest, bespiegelt und mit fließend Wasser versehen, kommt das Amphi Festival damit auch in diesem Jahr ohne Dixi aus!

Alle Infos zum Amphi Festival, einschließlich Geländeplan, Autogrammstunden und der Running Order, findet ihr auch im offiziellen Programmheft, dass Ihr kostenlos am Einlass erhaltet.

Seid dabei, wenn sich am 19. & 20. Juli die Tore des Amphi Festivals öffnen und Gothic-Fans aus Deutschland, Europa und der ganzen Welt, gemeinsam miteinander feiern! Alle weiteren Infos zum Amphi-Festival gibt’s wie gewohnt unter

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Euer Amphi Festival Team



Trinity-concerts presents:
Helsinki in Berlin Festival
24.-29.04.2008 Berlin


Under the Programm of Helsinkiss Berlin (01.04.- 04.05.2008) there will be the  finnish music week of Trinity- Concerts ( with bands like I Walk The Line, Stam1na and Negative playing with other in Germany not so well known finnish bands.  
It starts with Lovex, a band from Tampere that found their way to Germany a year ago and was successfull with the single Guardian Angel and the Album Divine Insanity in the german charts. In Finland they are kinda big teen stars and they are exactly what young girls want a band to be.

On the same stage there will be Poets Of The Fall, a well known band for all Finnland lovers . Poets of the Fall are an independent rock band from Helsinki, that was founded by Marko Saaresto and Olli Tukiainen in 2003. The members are Marko "Mark" Saaresto, (lead vocals/ guitar), Olli Tukiainen (guitar), and Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen (producer/ keyboards); during concerts, they are accompanied by Jani Snellman (bassist), Jaska Mäkinen (rhythm guitarist) and Jari Salminen (drummer).
The Poets released the singles Late Goodbye and Lift before releasing their full-length debut album Signs of Life in Finland. The album was certified gold in May 2005 and platinum in April 2006. It topped the Finnish Top 40 chart in weeks 4 and 7 of 2005, and stayed on the list for more than a year  (56 weeks), which makes it one of the most successful self-produced and self-distributed albums in the history of Finnish music. The second album, Carnival of Rust, was released  in Germany on April 20, 2007.
The second day brings us to OP:L Bastards, Aavikko and Pepe Deluxe.
Op:l Bastards was formed by Timo Kaukolampi , Vilunki 3000 (real name: Mikko Viljakainen) and Tuomo Puranen from Helsinki, Finland. Kaukolampi and Vilunki had earlier on played in the garage rock band Larry and the Lefthanded. Their original name was Opel Bastards, but they had to change it due to the pressure from Opel company. Their music is categorised as electronic music. They are described as having "specialized" in Kraut-baiting impenetrability. They released the Album The Job in 2001 and a remastered Version in 2007. Aavikko is a finnish synth music band, formed in Siilinjärvi in 1995. Their hallmarks include a campy, decidedly "East European" style and plastic-sounding synthesizer themes. The band themselves call their style "muysic" (a portmanteau of "mystic" and "music"); their motto is "We play - you dance!". They actually released 10 albums in the last 12 years.
Pepe Deluxé is also an electronic music oriented band which was created by two DJ friends, Vellu Maurola aka DJ Slow and Tomi Paajanen aka JA-Jazz in the mid 90s in Helsinki, Finland. In 1995, James Spectrum aka Jari Salo, joined the band and they started to experiment with sounds of hip hop, big beat, breakbeat and downtempo. DJ Slow departed the band in 2001 to pursue his solo projects. Theyr third album was released in 2007.

The next day starts with Disco Ensemble, a 
post-hardcore / indie / punk band, originated from Helsinki. They've been noted for their energetic sound and rhythm, original neon guitar riffs and electrifying electronic synthesizer sounds. They are well known also in Gemany and will be one of the highlights of the festival.  Along with them comes Lapko an alternative rock band from Harjavalta, formed in 1996. They are notable for their popularity in Finland, having received "radio play, explosive concerts, and voluminous critical accolades" even before releasing their debut on a well-known label, according to the All Music Guide.
Their first EP, Your Special K.O. (2003) was self-released, but they were signed to Fullsteam Records and albums Scandal (2006) and Young Desire (2007) saw them gain fame in Finland, reaching the national album charts.

To complete the three I Walk The Line will enter the stage on Friday. "Dark punk rock n roll, black-clad and tattooed, part Murder City Devils, part Rocket from the Crypt, part Social Distortion, with far more intelligence than the greasemonkey / gearhead mentality that my sketch might otherwise suggest. I Walk the Line would be huge in the USA if they had the right label behind them." (
"I Walk The Line emerged after members of fellow Finnish bands (Manifesto Jukebox, Wasted and Hero Dishonest) decided they wanted to widen their musical horizons. "Desolation Street", the second chapter in their musical journey sees them traveling an impressively less-worn road. Intelligent and well-crafted songs abound, captured in old-fashioned earthy analogue, giving proceedings a less clinical feel than the norm... Like fellow brave souls Against Me!, IWTL are another act fearlessly pushing forward the boundaries of this thing we call punk rock." (
On Saturday  22 Pistepirkko opens up in the magnet. 22-Pistepirkko was founded on the ashes of a punk rock band called "Matti Mätä & SS" at Utajärvi, a small village in Northern Finland, in the year 1980. The basic principles were surprisingly clear from the very start: Make it your own way; become professional; have an international career; try to stay open for new things and keep your act straight but adventurous; compose songs; write stories that are strong, funny, sad, happy, weird... and play them to people.They released their 13th album Stuff Is Like We Yeah in 2008.

Judge Bone are next in Magnet, Judge Bone (alias Tuomari Nurmio) meanwhile is a legend of finnish   Rock’n’Roll. His debut album get very good critics everywhere, and since that Nurmio is known as the most origin finnish Singer / Songwriter in the media. He handles with traditional american Country & BluesStyle combined withthe Power of  New Wave.
Debuting on the 22-Pistepirkko owened Label Bone Voyage Rec., 2008 his newest album was released  and he will introduce it that night!
On sunday  the Festival is located in the Knaak . With Diablo, Stam1na and Discard there comes along a hot combination.
Diablo is a Finnish Melodic Death Metal band, formed in 1995 as Diablo Brothers. The band cite Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Opeth, Death and Meshuggah as influences, but influence from several Gothenburg bands, including Dark Tranquillity, Hypocrisy and In Flames, can also be heard. Their latest album, Mimic47, was released in January 2006, and reached #1 on the Finnish music charts.
Stam1na is a Finnish metal playing musical group native of Lemi, South Karelia. Their music is perhaps best described as progressive metal with some thrash, death and alternative influences, and is sung in Finnish. They are definitly the best in headbanging while playing. Don't miss this amazing show, it doesn't matter if you understand what they sing. Their last album Raja was also released in Germany in 2008.
Discard was formed in early 2004 by Ohto Jaatinen (guitar), Toni Ronkainen (drums), Eero Kankkunen (guitar) and Vellu Kuronen (bass) out of the ashes of the group's previous project, Antar. Shortly after that Heikki Miettinen (vocals) joined the band and Vellu was ousted from the band. Discard’s first demo, “Demo 2004”, was recorded over the summer 2004 and was released shortly before Christmas. The beginning of 2005 marked a quieter period for Discard, as Eero moved to another part of Finland and eventually decided to leave the band. The void was soon filled by Janne Roiha (guitar), the producer of “Demo 2004” and not long after that a new bass player, Mikko Kytösaho, was found. Thus the current line-up was complete. In the beginnig of 2007 Discard sold it's soul to Shadow World Records.
On Monday the Tampere-glamour enters Berlin with three close related bands: Negative, Dead by Gun and Flinch, that all togther did a great projekt in 2007 and released "too much love will kill you ".

 Negatives head Jonne Aaron is not just the Producer of Flinch but also the brother of Flinch -singer Ville. Negatve and Flinch will both release new albums in Spring 2008 and for Flinch it is the first gig outside of Finland. Negative come along with a new guitarist after 7 years together with the old lineup.  Their amazing live shows are legend and the columbia hall is a well known location for the band, that always was filled up to the top when Negative played there .
Dead by Gun are a real punkrock band, also from Tampere, that only can be described as GOOD. They are just very good in what they are doing. Check them!
The festival closes with some traditional artists :
M.A. Numminen + Sväng +
Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat.
Numminen is not just a musician but more an entertainer. Sväng plays polka and Rumppa with harmonicas and marko Haavisto ja Poutahaukat are heroes in their country for their big, wild live shows. If you are not afraid of some culture -shock-moments, go and watch these bands.

24. April 2008, Columbia Club
Lovex + Poets Of The Fall + Manboy
25. April 2008, 103 Club
Op:l Bastards + Aavikko + Pepe Deluxe
25. April 2008, ColumbiaClub
Disco Ensemble
+ Lapko + I Walk The Line + 2 weitere Bands
26. April 2008, Magnet
22 Pistepirkko
+ Judge Bone + Support
27. April 2008, Knaack
Diablo + Stam1na + Discard
28. April 2008, ColumbiaClub
+ Dead By Gun + Flinch
29. April 2008, Quasimodo
M.A. Numminen + Sväng +
Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat

Tickethotline: 030 780 99 810


On A Dark Winters Night Festival 2007

Oberhausen, December, 29

Fans of gothic and metal music, look out!

Everyone who is in the mood for a decent festival in the time between Christmas and New Year, should check out the "On a dark winter's night"!

Said festival will take place on December, 29 in Oberhausen (König-Pilsener Arena) and showcase a devastating line-up.

Headliner of the evening will be NIGHTWISH, who will introduce their brand new album "Dark Passions Play" - including the new vocalist Anette Olzon in Germany after playing a US tour and some warm up gigs in Europe.

Besides this top-class band from Finland, "On a dark winter's night" will present a thoroughly strong festival program of the german and international music scene.

The Italian industrial rockers DOPE STARS INC. will be in on it, as well as the german band JESUS ON EXTASY that also stands for the industrial szene. Both bands were touring together through Germany this spring.

But there's still more to it than that!

Additional acts are BLIND, the finnish metal combo TAROT that is close related to Nightwish with the Hietala brothers, the german metal / a capella band VAN CANTO and as recently announced, the finns from AMORPHIS that toured through Germany this fall.

Furthermore there has been a change in the line-up. LETZTE INSTANZ will rock the hall instead of Samsas Traum.

Now the line-up reads as follows:

So, everyone who's ready for a dark wave of loud music should save his ticket - NOW!

© www. - Julia

(German version!)

Fans von Gothic und Metal Musik aufgepasst
Wer zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr nochmal richtig Lust auf ein ordentliches Festival hat, ist bei "On a dark winter's night" genau richtig!
Besagtes Festival wird am 29.Dezember 2007 in Oberhausen (König-Pilsener Arena) stattfinden und euch ein Line-up der Extraklasse präsentieren.
Headliner des Abends werden NIGHTWISH sein, die ihr neues Album "Dark Passion Play" vorstellen - inklusive der neuen Sängerin Anette Olzon, die abgesehen von einem Warm Up Gig in Hamburg hier ihr Deutschland Debut geben wird. Nightwish kommen gerade von ihrer großen US-Tour zurück!
Neben dieser hochkarätigen Band aus Finnland, präsentiert "On a dark winters night" ein durch und durch starkes Festivalprogramm aus deutscher und internationaler Musikszene.
Die italienischen Industrialrocker von DOPE STARS INC. sind mit von der Partie, sowie die deutsche Band JESUS ON EXTASY die ebenfalls dem insustrial zuzuordnen sind, beide Bands tourten im Frühjahr bereits gemeinsam durch Deutschland.
Aber das ist noch lange nicht alles!
Weitere Acts sind BLIND, die finnische Metal Band TAROT,die durch die Hietala Brüder in enger Beziehung zu Nightwish stehen, die deutsche Metal / A capella-Band VAN CANTO und, wie vor kurzem bestätigt, die Finnen von AMORPHIS die diesen Herbst bereits in Deutschland tourten.
Desweiteren gab es eine Änderung im Line-up. An stelle von Samsas Traum werden LETZTE INSTANZ auftreten und die Halle rocken.

Das Line-Up lautet demnach wie folgt:


Wer jetzt noch nicht überzeugt ist, ist selber Schuld!

© - Julia


Sunrise Avenue- On the way to Germany

With new line up and fresh power!!

Sunrise Avenue are one of the most popular finnish rockbands here in Germany and after their incredible success with the lovely single "Fairytale gone bad" they are constantly present in the german media and for their fans here. Nevertheless I don't have luck with these guys! The first acoustic gig I looked forward to visit was cancelled because the band was stopped in Helsinki by a snowstorm and the next gig I awaited was cancelled because of illnes of singer Samu. Well let's try it one more time. Sunrise Avenue play strong, melodic rockmusic with intensive ballads within. Their first album "On The Way To Wonderland" was a big Hit in Europe and the sympathic band-members are always welcome as guests in shows on TV and radio.
In the closer past there happened a big change in the band, after musical and private differences the band decided to go on without Janne (guitars / backing vocals). The band did not presented a new guitarist yet, so we have to wait til the tour starts.  With 18 gigs in germany it is a quite long tour and there will be a possibility for everyone to visit one or more gigs.
Let's hope the guys are all healthy and the weather will not go wild, so that you will find a review of the gig in Magdeburg later on here!! Toitoitoi

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LOVEX - Finnish Visual Kei

Second german Tour- scream out loud, girlz! Supported by Manzana!

05.11.07 Hamburg Logo
06.11.07 Berlin Knaack
07.11.07 Köln Underground
08.11.07 München Metropolis
11.11.07 A-Wien Chelsea

The finnish guys from the band Lovex look like asian manga boys, a style that is used by several bands nowadays. Nevertheless the comparison with Tokio Hotel is not fitting here just because of the same style. Lovex' music is harder and the sound is bigger and more adult. The songs always own a big refrain you constantly want to sing along...

After doing a tour in germany supporting LaFee, what seems to be an unhappy chosen act for a band like Lovex to support, they now come as headliner for their own tour in Germany and Austria. Their first album "Divine Insanity" had a big success in Europe and we are not amazed to hear that they come from Tampere, a city spitting out great rockbands like every second a new one.
Actually there are a lot of young girls loving this band, but try to get over that and you will have a lot of fun with Theon, Vivian Sin'Amor, Sammy Black, Christian, Julian Drain & Jason.

Support them and check them live at one of the dates.

Along with Lovex there comes Manzana, a finish pop metal band with frontgirl Piritta, very nice, straight music with a very heavy live sound!! They make music that is dramatic, elastic, melodic and strong. Fitting very good to tour lovex and hopefully the Lovex fans will support this band, even though there is a female singer.

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Industrial For Masses

Dope Stars Inc./ London After Midnight a.o.
Orkus International FestivalTour 2007

This is the second german tour this year for the Dope Stars Inc.! In spring they toured with Jesus On Extasy and Entwine through the german clubs and played some Festivals as well. DSI play some kind of industrial -rock with very strong melodies and a lot of power. It's a music that adresses not just the electro/ industrial gothic szene but also people that like good, hand-made rockmusic with heavy guitars, cause of 2 electric guitars on stage. They discribe their music as:"rock 'n' roll with a gritty, highly seducing blend of punk attitude and industrial sonic attacks". After some changes in the band, they now work on a new album and want to play live as much as possible. With the latest album "Giga Hearts"  there is the proof that the potencial of this band is unbeliveable wide and big!
Have a look and visit a gig of this great italian band.  They play together with bands like London After Midnight, Lola Angst and Kirlian Camera.

Victor Love/DSI- 23.05.2007 Hamburg

DSI are:
(c) Frances Amelie Sin™
ORKUS International Festival Tour 2007


The English version of Germany's most successful Gothic magazine has been
available in music stores and at newspaper agents around the globe for more
than a year. In order to celebrate this fact properly the first "ORKUS
International Festival Tour" will take place in autumn featuring both top
acts and newcomers in the field of dark music.
The tour will be headlined by the legendary LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT  who will
simultaneously release their  new and keenly anticipated album "Violent Acts
of Beauty" and present it live on stage. 
You can expect a very emotional, gloomy yet opalescent show which will of
course also include the greatest hits of the band. Mastermind Sean Brennan
about this tour: "We are very much looking forward to this extraordinary
tour and our fans in Europe whom we will present our brand new album. It
will be  released the night before the tour starts."
Although it admittedly sounds like an exxageration it is yet true:
co-headliner will be another legend- no one  less than KIRLIAN CAMERA, a
band who looks back to a 25 year old successful band history and yet has
always managed to reinvent itself. Furthermore, as fans may know, are live
appearances of this exeptional band  extremely rare and there has never been
something like a complete tour. So one can assume that the band will have
something very special in mind to celebrate this extraordinary event.
In summer  2005 the DOPE STARS INC. managed to turn the whole Gothic scene
upside down with their fresh and hitherto unique sound.  DOPE STARS INC. are
past and present, passion and aggression, fire and ice - an unholy alliance
of the elemental forces. On stage the band presents a powerful mixture of
dark industrial rock and heartbreaking melodies made for eternity. Last but
not least there is LOLA ANGST to complete the line up, the current
sweethearts of  all regular clubbers: queer electronic music with catchy
tunes. Synth Pop, Electro Clash, EBM and a pinch of industrial, randomly put
together, make a highly explosive club mix of a different kind. . shaken,
not stirred.

Live Dates:
27.10.2007 B-Waregem / The Steeple
28.10.2007 F-Paris/ La Locomotive
29.10.2007 D-Nürnberg/ Hirsch
30.10.2007 D-Leipzig/ Anker
31.10.2007 D-Berlin/ Columbia Club
01.11.2007 D-Krefeld/ Kulturfabrik*
02.11.2007 D-Hannover/ Capitol
03.11.2007 D-Magdeburg/ Factory
04.11.2007 D-Ludwigsburg/ Rockfabrik
06.11.2007 I-Mailand/ Rolling Stone
07.11.2007 A-Salzburg/ Rockhaus
08.11.2007 A-Wien/ Arena
09.11.2007 GR- Thessaloniki/ Ydrogeios**
10.11.2007 P- Lissabon/ Cine Teatro Corrois**
11.11.2007 E- Barcelona/ Apolo 2**
* without Lola Angst!

Band Links:

Orkus Link:

London After Midnight (LAM) is a rock music project formed in the 1990s by
singer/songwriter/bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Sean Brennan. LAM has
retained and nurtured the political and socially aware element of the punk
scene that died in the early 90s, and has developed as a passionate and
political dark rock-music entity. LAM has a large worldwide following, with
many Gothic Rock fans (LAM outspokenly shuns such labels as "gothic",

LAM has gained a large and loyal following all over the world, from the USA
to Europe to Latin America (where they have toured extensively), and beyond.
LAM has headlined and co-headlined concerts and major festivals with bands
like The Cure, Green Day, HIM (HIM has cited LAM a favorite artist),
Rammstein, Soft Cell, and many more. LAM has performed to crowds of over
30,000 people as headliner and co-headliner on major music festivals around
the world. Still, London After Midnight maintains a strong underground and
independent "personality" despite being top sellers (charting in the top 10
European DAC charts with each of 3 CDs released) and a major draw at music
festivals year after year.



Classic meets Rock'n'Roll

Apocalyptica in Germany supported by Sturm und Drang & Stam1na

21.10.07 Hamburg – Grosse Freiheit
22.10.07 Braunschweig -- Jolly Joker
23.10.07 Hattingen – Gebläsehalle
24.10.07 Bielefeld – Ringlokschuppen
25.10.07 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
27.10.07 München – Zenith 
28.10.07 Dresden – Alter Schlachthof
29.10.07 Berlin – Columbiahalle
30.10.07 Köln – E-Werk
31.10.07 Stuttgart - Congresscentrum
01.11.07 Leipzig – Haus Auensee

Apocalyptica on Tour with the new album " Worlds Collide" that hits straight the top ten in Germany. Apocalyptica is a Finnish musical group consisting of three, formerly four, classically trained cellists and, since 2005, a drummer: Eicca Toppinen – Cello, Paavo Lötjönen – Cello, Perttu Kivilaakso – Cello, Mikko Sirén – Drums.  All three cellists are graduates of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland.
Don't miss this great experience of classic cello instruments together with hard rock drums and electric guitar. The songs are big, fulminant and fulfilling, there is nothing else like Apocalyptica in the music szene. The finnish band had a big success with covering Metallica songs instrumental. They worked together with singers like Nina Hagen, Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes) or Martha (Die Happy).  On the new album they have a faboulous song with vocalist Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil). It is always an honour to be a part of an Apocalyptica album.  If you wanna see this incredible show live, check the Tourdates and enjoy the Finns on some date. Their name shows what and how they play: apocalyptic music!!

Sturm und Drang is a very young finnish metalband and even if they are still boys their music sounds heavy and grown up. Their first album " Learn to rock" was released in 2007 and the media was very positive about this band. Just forget about that the guys are underage and let them into your heart, it's an refreshing experience. And it is nice to see, that young kids start to listen to handmade metal music because of this band instead of plastic pop that sourrounds us everywhere in life.

Stam1na is also a finnish metalband but singing in finnish, so it's a nice experiment to tour in Germany. People that love the finnish music szene know this band and other metal bands with finnish lyrics for longer and are sure that this is not impedimental to be successful in Germany. You also can see that bands singing german are successful in Finland! So why not trying to play here.  Stam1na released two albums: Stam1na (2005)& Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä (2006) and we are excited what the next album will bring to us.  

(c) Frances Amelie Sin™



Pleasure, Hail the Big Boy

Glam Rock goes Germany presented by Sonic Seducer

09.10.2007 Berlin, Magnet
11.10.2007 Hamburg, Logo
12.10.2007 Bremen , Römer  (with The Pleasures)
13.10.2007 Köln, Underground (with The Pleasures)
16.10.2007 München, Backstage
17.10.2007 Frankfurt, Nachtleben
18. 10. 2007 - Uni, Cottbus
14. 11. 2007 - Rockfabrik (Rock Falls Festival Tour), Ludwigsburg
17. 11. 2007 - Soundpark Ost (Rock Falls Festival Tour), Würzburg
18. 11. 2007 - Steinbruch Theater (Rock Falls Festival Tour), Darmstadt

BiG BOY @ WGT / Leipzig  28.05.2007

After releasing the first Album "Hail the Big Boy" the Band starts now their first big german tour, after doing a lot of splittet shows all over Germany the last year. For not being a typically gothic band it was a big surprise to see Big Boy at Wave Gotik Treffen 2007 and at M'era Luna 2007. But they rocked the crowd with their straight sound and big melodies that seem to be a bit too mainstream for being Glam Rock but will stay in your ear for hours.  These big shows brought them the publicity they really deserve, so let them rock you!! Or as the Big Boy community would say: Hail the Big Boy, let the Big Boy hail you!!

Dancette / The Pleasures 15.02.2007 Hannover

The hottest shows you will certainly see in Bremen & Köln where The Pleasures will be second act and bring you the glam. The Pleasures are a 5 piece group from Hamburg and they come with power, drama & glitter over you and give you typical glamrock songs to sing along and to rock til death! The have an EP (Cuming Out) and one album (Greatest Hits) out and the second album Oh Yeah (double album) will be released later this year! Don't be afraid of pink, men in tights and faked blood on stage and let them lead you to honest Rock'n'Roll!

(c) Frances Amelie Sin™



"...cause it's the heart of everything"

 Within Temptation & The 69 Eyes & Delain on tour...

01-10 Tonhalle, München 
02-10 X-Tra, Zürich (sold out)
03-10 Gasometer, Wien 
05-10 Haus Auensee, Leipzig (69 Eyes cancelled)
06-10 Columbiahalle, Berlin 
09-10 Messe Congresszentrum B, Stuttgart 
10-10 E-Werk, Köln

This is a strange combination for the first sight, but I guess it will be hot. The dutch metalband Within Temptation touring with their new album "The Heart Of Everything" including gothic metal hymns like "Our Solemn Hour" and "Frozen", a great and bombastic symphonic metal sound and Sharon den Adels big show. The latest album is actually the best they ever made, the band uses different styles to complete their sound and Sharon learned a lot to use her voice!!  Within Temptation have always been a band that devided the metal szene into lovers and haters, but with this new album and a new live- show they will inspire a lot of new and old fans.

In addition to that there will be Delain, the new Band of former Within Temptation member Martijn Westerholt, with female vocals by Charlotte Wessels, who has a great rocking and also classical voice. Started in 2002 after a long Sickness, they now have their first Album licidity (2006) out and worked together with musicians like Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes), Sharon den Adel (Whithin Temptation) & Marco Hietala (Nightwish). Check them out, they are hot and my secret hint!!

To complete the trio on tour you can enjoy the calm but strong gothic-rock sound of The 69 Eyes a very old and sensitive band from Helsinki/ Finland. The latest  album "Angels" was released in 2007 and is number 10 for the band. It shows the band as powerful as usual. Jyrki69's voice is unmistakeable and the songs are always an invitation to dream away.

Don't miss this rocking package!!

(c) Frances Amelie Sin™



Double Emo-core from England

Enter Shikari & Lost Alone 09.10.2007 Hamburg / Grünspan  

09.10.07     Hamburg                  – GER –     Grünspan
10.10.07    Berlin                         – GER –     Columbia Club
15.10.07    Frankfurt a. Main     – GER –     Batschkapp
16.10.07    Köln                            – GER –     Live Music Hall

This is the Enter Shikari year…

everything started in february 2007, when they were support for Billy Talent in germany and when they became famous here.
When they came back two months later on a small clubtour with LostAlone through
the country, their fanbase had grown and now they are back again with their own headliner tour again with LostAlone through the venues in germany, which starts in the famous
Hamburger Grünspan (

Enter Shikari are:
Rou  - Voc/Electronics

Chris  - Bass/Voc

Rory  - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Rob  -  Drums

They started 2003 in St. Albans /London and practised as every band first of all in
their rooms and garages.
Their music is a mixure of hardcore and punk with a passion of euphoria and trance
and many other influences.

After a short period of time they started to play small gigs and trough their insane
liveshows they get a name in the underground scene
But when they appeared on download festival in june 2006, the media became
After that they go on tours in Great Britain and as second band without a recorddeal
they had sold out the „Astoria“ in London.
Since March 2007 you can buy their debutalbum “Take to the skies” as well as
the single „Anything can happen in the next half hour“ and since June 2007 we can
listen to their new single „Jonny Sniper“.

LostAlone @ Open Flair Festival 2007

LostAlone are a three piece Emo-rock band from Derbyshire/UK. They did a headliner tour in germany last year in winter and played some bigger festivals here like the Open Flair Festival 2007. They have a strong fan base in germany and the potencial to become a big thing out over the boundaries of the szene.

Together they leave you no excuse not to see their amazing shows!!

(c) Koernchen & Frances Amelie Sin™



Negative rock Germany
Negative Tour September 2007, Germany

14.09.2007 Negative Magdeburg, GER, Factory
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Factory Highlights 07: Sunrise Avenue, Dope Stars Inc, Emily Autumn, Tocotronic.Check it out)

15.09.2007 Negative Dresden, GER, Strasse E
16.09.2007 Negative Braunschweig, GER, Meyer's Music Hall
18.09.2007 Bochum, GER, Zeche
19.09.2007 Saarbrücken, GER, Roxy
20.09.2007 Karlsruhe, GER, Substage
22.09.2007 Negative Glauchau, GER, Alte Spinnerei
23.09.2007 Negative Berlin, GER, Columbia Club

Lets start another Negative Tour; this year the guys decided to start with it in Magdeburg. They will play in the Factory ( a location fitting perfectly to Rock 'n' Roll music and Glam/ Goth people like Negative fans in general are.

Negative formed in 1997 in Tampere/ Finland. With the first single release in Germany in May 2005 the story of european succsess began. The Moment Of Our Love and the following album Sweet & Deceitful hit the charts in several countrys and the first german headliner tour was a great succsess for the band. More fans joined after a tour together with the finnisch gothicrock stars HIM and The Rasmus and some gothic and rock festivals were played in the last two years. So this is the 4th tour in Germany now and the band warmed up with three festivals in Germany and some more in Finland in August.
The support band that will join the glamrockers is the metalband Day Eleven, a young band from Tampere/ Finland that is also managed by Tommi Liimatainen, the older brother of Negative-singer Jonne Aaron.
Negative will release a Live DVD in Finland soon, but there is no new album to release, no new songs after the last tour in November 2006, so we are all looking forward to the upcoming shows and what kind of entertainment the band will give to their fans this time. Frontman Jonne Aaron seems to be one of the best singers of the present and the power of his voice and the enthusiastic, glamorous shows coming along with melodic, strong melodies and a huge electric guitar sound will catch the audience as usual and beam them into another world for some hours.

I am looking forward to get an Interview with one of the guys of Negative and with Day Eleven, so you can read more about the tour and the guys later on here!

(c) Frances Amelie Sin™



Open Flair  Eschwege
Negative, Sunrise Ave., Gentleman, Mando Diao and more...

Hey there,
visit the Open flair 2007 in Eschwege!

This year the Open Flair will rock the middle of germany from the 10th to the 12th august. The line up shows up big stars like Mando Diao, Negative, Sunrise Avenue, H-Blockx, Bela B. or Sportfreunde Stiller, but also some comedy and art and a childrens hort. A festival for the whole family with a lot of flair.
Eschwege is between Göttingen and Kassel, so if you live in reach and did not planned your weekend, think about coming to the Open Flair, the hottest summer event!
All informations about the programm, the line up, tickets and camping you can find here:

The will be also a possibility to get the tickets at the entrance!!
Have a great time and rock on...
Frances Sin

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 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Open Flair, 10.-12.8. 2007, Eschwege, Werdchen,

The Programm: 

Friday, 10. August 2007
14:00 Is Watt HR3
14:45 Neonkrieger FB
15:30 Pasta für Pavel HR3
16:15 Turbostaat FB
17:00 H.G. Butzko KK
18:15 Mad Caddies HR3
19:15 The Sounds FB
20:15 Madsen HR3
21:15 Muff Potter FB
22:15 Beatsteaks HR3
23:45 Starbugs FB
00:00 Götz Widmann FB
01:00 Konrad Stöckel KK
01:00 RFM Disko WZ

Saturday, 11. August 2007
12:15 Eiszeitklub FB
13:00 Montreal HR3
13:45 Nils Heinrich KK
15:00 Roman Fischer FB
15:45 Monta HR3
16:30 Bernd Gieseking Lesung KK
18:00 H-Blockx HR3
19:15 Karpatenhund FB
20:30 Bela B. HR3
21:45 The Films FB
22:30 Sportfreunde Stiller HR3
00:00 iO FB
00:45 Monsters of Liedermaching & Götz Widmann KK
00:45 Feltmann WZ

Sunday, 12. August 2007
12:30 The Metro FB
13:15 Taschenbillard HR3
14:00 Christian Hirdes KK
15:15 Wilson Jr. FB
16:00 Lost Alone HR3
16:45 Florian Schroeder KK
18:00 Sunrise Avenue FB
19:00 Mando Diao HR3
20:30 Negative FB
21:30 Gentleman HR3
23:00 The Locos FB

HR3 - HR3-Bühne, Mainstage
FB - Freibühne im Baumkreis
KK - Kleinkunst-Zelt
WZ - Weinze